Triangle's exterior angle
    Parallel lines
    12. Tim’s flight was originally scheduled to depart at 4:51 p.m., but it was delayed 563 minutes. What time did Tim’s flight eventually depart?
    Time, Word problems
    15. Two vectors are shown in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane below.

One of the following vectors in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane is the sum of these 2 vectors. Which one?
    Parallelogram rule for vector addition
    19. A team of biologists tagged and released 90 deer in a forest. From the same forest 2 weeks later, the biologists collected a random sample of 30 deer, 5 of which were tagged. Let p be the proportion of deer in this forest that are tagged. What is pˆ, the sample proportion, for this sample?
    Sample proportion
    22. Let a be positive and b be negative. If it can be determined, in which quadrant of the standard (x,y) coordinate plane is the point (−a,b2) located?
    Quandrants of the standard (x,y) coordinate plane
    28. What angle measure, in radians, is equal to 30° ?
    Degrees and radians
    34. Which of the following intervals is the range of the functionf(x)=−(x−3)2 +4?
    Parabola, Range
    38. The monthly rent charged for a store at Center Street Mall is $2 per square foot of floor area. The floor plan of a store at Center Street Mall is shown in the figure below, with right angles as indicated and all distances given in feet. How much monthly rent is charged for this store?
    Trapezoid area, Rectangle area
    43. The annual property tax for Condo X is 2% of its assessed value. What is the assessed value of Condo X?
    Property tax
    Rectangle area, Rectangle perimeter, Squares, Irrational numbers, Diagonal of square
    47. The volume of a solid object is equal to the volume of water it displaces when completely submerged in water. A solid object will be placed in a rectangular tank that has a base of 35 cm by 30 cm and is filled with water to a uniform depth of 13 cm. When the object is completely submerged, the new depth of the water in the tank is 15 cm. What is the volume, in cubic centimeters, of the object?
    Right rectangular prism
    59. The table indicates the grade (10 or 11) and high school (North or South) of the 270 students enrolled in Algebra II in the Green City School District.
Suppose 2 of these students will be chosen at random to represent the Algebra II classes at a local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) event. Which of the following expressions gives the probability that both chosen students will be from the same grade and the same high school?
    60. A certain company has 120 employees, 85 of whom have business degrees. Of the employees with business degrees, 75 are certified public accountants (CPAs). There are 14 employees who are not CPAs and also do not hold a business degree. One employee of the company will be selected at random to be interviewed for a television news program. What is the probability that the selected employee will be a CPA ?
(Note: A business degree is NOT required to be a CPA.)
    Probability, Venn diagram, Sets