• 60. A certain company has 120 employees, 85 of whom have business degrees. Of the employees with business degrees, 75 are certified public accountants (CPAs). There are 14 employees who are not CPAs and also do not hold a business degree. One employee of the company will be selected at random to be interviewed for a television news program. What is the probability that the selected employee will be a CPA ?
(Note: A business degree is NOT required to be a CPA.)
    Choice J
    Total: 129 employeesNeither: 14Business degrees: 85CPA75Both Business degrees and CPA85-75-10Business degrees but not CPAXCPA but not Business degrees
    $$10+75+14+x=120$$ $$x=21$$ The number of employees who are CPAs is \(21+75=96\). Therefore the probability is \(P=96/120\).